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Meltdown Liquid Glue Gel

Product Details:

Now even bigger bottle!

Introducing our NEW Meltdown Liquid Glue Gel. With a strong hold formula with no flaking, this hair styling gel is good for both women and men. Also perfect for laying down lace for a short term. Tame any frizz while moisturizing hair and scalp. Argan oil helps nourish your hair naturally and is great for repair and hair growth. Even better? This gel is weightless while leaving your hair with superior hold.

Recommended Use: Daily

Perfect For:

✔ Laying All Laces

✔ Sleek Ponytails

 Define Curls

 Lay Edges


Features & Benefits:

✔ Doesn't contain harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients or latex

 Safe to use

 Gentle for all skin types



Does this gel flake?

Absolutely not! This product was designed to ensure no flaky residue

Is it safe to use with my glue-less lace wig?

Absolutely! Stylin’ glue gee is super safe and recommended to use when applying a glue-less lace wig or frontal.


Weight: 200g

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