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Meltdown "Complete" Bundle

The "Complete" bundle has everything you need to apply and style your lace wig. Get it today and get ready to look your best.

Meltdown Lace Glue 

Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and latex
Completely waterproof and sweat resistant
Gentle for all skin types
Easy and painless to remove with any lace glue remover or alcohol

Meltdown Glue Remover

Effortless removal
Sensitive skin friendly
Simple cleanup

Meltdown Stay Down Stick

Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients
Safe to use 
Completely sweat resistant
Gentle for all skin types

Meltdown Lace Tint Mousse

Slay it and tint it in one easy process to lay the perfect lace. Use Lace Tint Mousse foam to apply the perfect lace while giving you that undetectable look for frontals, lace closure and wigs. 3 color options to match your skin tone perfectly. Easy to use before or during lace installs. 

Meltdown Foam Wrapping Lotion

Super Smooth & Shine Wrapping Lotion by Meltdown leaves hair feeling beautiful with a sheer shine. Keeps hair and scalp from feeling dry and produces a sexy, bouncy, full body hair. Absolutely no flaking or dulling white film.

Light Warm Tint Mousse
Light Brown Tint Mousse
Medium Brown Tint Mousse
Dark Brown Tint Mousse